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How To Get Sh!t Done While Working From Home

Source: unsplash.com

Source: unsplash.com

With the advent of the Internet, working from home has become quite common.  While most people think they would love it, it definitely does not work for everyone…

It takes immense self-discipline to stay productive and get things done while working from home.

Here are a few simple tips you can follow to get sh!t done even while working from home…

1. Prioritize 

Easier said than done, prioritization is crucial to your success working from home. There are actual tasks like writing, programming, designing, etc. depending on what you do and then there are meta tasks like checking email and replying to them, documentation, presentations etc.

You have to understand the difference and prioritize however big or small they may be. Assign a deadline for each task and make an effort to follow those timeslots.

2. Dedicated workspacehome office photo

Home is your comfort zone and you are in a relaxed mindset when you’re at home. When working from home, this can become a big problem.

To avoid this and other distractions at home dedicate a workspace for your working hours and as far as possible set it up to something that matches your office desk so that you enter that space with a working mindset and don’t end up watching cat videos all day long.

3. Taking breaks

Unlike at the office where we have a lunch break set aside, at home, a short coffee break can go completely out of hands. Make sure you keep track of the time spent on lunch, coffee breaks, Facebook and YouTube.

But don’t avoid taking breaks completely. They keep you going in the long run. They also help you get refreshed and rekindle your enthusiasm.

4. Manage distractions

If you struggle with checking your phone, WhatsApp, Messenger, Facebook or twitter while working use apps such as FocusMe to keep yourself away from distractions.

5. Keep the clock tickingClock photo

As I mentioned earlier, keeping track of your activities helps a lot, set a time limit for the completion of your to-do list.

I use the Pomodoro technique to keep myself focused. It is easy too. You set the timer for 25 minutes and work non-stop and then take a 5-minute break. Sounds too simple? But works like magic.

6. Cook in Advance

When you are at home you may get tempted to make yourself a tasty breakfast or cook a nice big lunch. This is the time you would’ve skipped while at the office and utilized it for something productive. To avoid such wastage of time, cook your meals in advance.

7. Get Some Exercisee834b5062df1013ecd0b470de7444e90fe76e6d01fb5134996f3c2_640_walk

Since you’re working from home, you have some extra time on your hands. Use it to get a 30-40 minute workout or go for a walk. This will not only keep you fit in the long run, it will also keep your energy and productivity high.

8. Draw the line between your work and family time 

It is hard to keep away from your family when you are working from home. Make your family understand that you need to focus on your work during your working hours so that you can spend the rest of the day with them without worrying about work.

9. Stick to your regular Working Hours

This is the most important point. Finish your day at the same time you would finish it at work. This helps in keeping your personal and work lives separate. If they start overlapping, you’d soon be working late nights and taking long breaks during the day.

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