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3 So-Called “Forbidden” Foods Every Man Over 40 Should Be Eating

Truth is, the science of nutrition has evolved a ton in the last 10 years. Unfortunately the popular wisdom about what foods are “good” and which ones are “bad” hasn’t even tried to keep up.

In fact here are some foods labeled “forbidden” that every man over the age of 40 should be including in their diet.

Which is a major bonus for you, because not only will you get the health benefits, these are also 3 of the tastiest foods on the planet.

So-Called Forbidden Food #1: Butter

Congrats! You can go ahead and slap a big blob of butter on that baked potato!

Unfortunately fat went through a pretty rough stretch in the 80s when dubious science and political agendas came together to falsely accuse fat — especially saturated fat like butter — as the worst thing to happen to health since the Plague.

The truth is that study after study done since then has failed to prove the connection. And in fact many studies are showing the benefits of having enough saturated fat in your diet — especially for men!

You see, testosterone is what’s called a “steroid” hormone. And steroid hormones are made from cholesterol. If you don’t have enough fats in your diet your body doesn’t have the building blocks to make the cholesterol it needs to keep your testosterone high.

And yes, most of the cholesterol in your body is made there and does not come from the cholesterol you eat, which we’ll talk about in a second.

So eat as much butter as you want as long as you are not exceeding the amount of calories your body needs in a day.


So-Called Forbidden Food #2: Dark Chocolate

Studies on dark chocolate actually prove that — in moderate amounts — it makes you happier and more optimistic. That’s probably due in part to flavonoids — a natural nutrient in cocoa — which improves blood flow in the brain and helps boost cognitive function and mood.

And as a bonus, dark chocolate contains a tannin called procyanidin that keeps your arteries flexible and your blood pressure lower.

Plus it’ll make you look younger! A study published in the Journal of Nutrition showed that drinking cocoa fortified with flavonols found in dark chocolate had better skin texture and stronger resistance to UV rays.


So-Called Forbidden Food #3: Eggs

Now, back to cholesterol debate. Of all the vilified foods in the war on cholesterol, the poor little egg got the worse beatdown of them all.

Common wisdom dictated that eating more than 3 eggs a week was essentially a death sentence due to the amount of dietary cholesterol you would consume.

What was left out is that your body has a very precise regulator for blood cholesterol. Very little actual cholesterol from your diet gets absorbed. Around 75% of your blood cholesterol is formed by your liver and the other 25% from your diet.

Plus, when you eat more cholesterol, your liver makes less, and vice versa. So unless you completely overload your system with a perfect storm of high fat, high carbs and high cholesterol all at once, it knows how to keep your cholesterol in the prefect range.

Unfortunately the Standard American Diet makes that perfect storm a real possibility, so just make sure you stick to whole foods in moderate amounts and you can easily avoid it.

Now, let’s specifically look at those delicious little eggs! Folks who have eggs for breakfast lose 65 percent more weight than those who have a bagel breakfast with the same number of calories, according to a study in the International Journal of Obesity.

Make sure you eat the yolk, too. The fat in the yellow part is important to keep you satiated. Plus their are enzymes in the yolk that help you digest all the beneficial protein in the white.


Forbidden Bonus: Whiskey

I confess, a wee dram or two of whiskey on the weekend is one of my great pleasures in life. And the science says it’s doing me some good!…

Studies have actually shown that whiskey can successfully boost your cognitive performance and reduce your chances of developing dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. The ellagic acid in whiskey is extremely powerful in terms of fighting against free radicals associated with interrupting neural pathways and contributing to the slow decline towards dementia.

A number of studies have also shown whiskey to be a major player in protecting heart health. As your body gets older, your heart risks becoming stiffer and less efficient. However, a study has recently revealed that those who consume a moderate amount of whiskey on a regular basis have almost a 50% lower chance of experiencing a stroke or heart attack.

And finally it looks like whiskey may prevent cancer.

Again, the powerful antioxidant effects of the ellagic acid in whiskey neutralizes free radicals, the harmful byproducts of cellular metabolism that cause a wide range of diseases, including cancer, heart diseases, Alzheimer’s disease, and premature aging.

Just remember we’re talking low to moderate consumption! Too much alcohol kills brain cells and does the precise opposite of rejuvenating and protecting your body.


Bottom Line: It seems like there are at least 4 ways to make staying young a whole lot of fun and enjoyment. Just make sure you partake with moderation and all of these “forbidden” pleasures can actually enhance your health and reduce your functional age.


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