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THIS is What Procrastination Does to Your Body…

Source: profoundboredom.wordpress.com

Source: profoundboredom.wordpress.com

Could  Procrastination be creating much of our illness and disease?

We may live in a modern world of advanced technology where mankind has made incredible progress and literally reached the moon. However, we’re still slaves of our physical selves that are a product of millions of years of evolution.

Our bodies that have developed in a particular way as a response to their surroundings, have been placed into a new environment of close to no physical danger or need of stashing away heaps of fat for periods of starvation.

So our evolution-born brain sees a looming deadline as a threat similar to being faced with a predator. Which results in our bodies reacting to emotional stress, in the same way they would respond to physical danger.

By shifting into the fight-or-flight mode!

So when you have a report due, say tomorrow, your body answers by producing certain hormones that shoot up your heart rate and cortisol levels. Normally, cortisol handles the task of keeping white blood cells in check, but frequent procrastination makes your body less receptive to the stress hormone.

That allows the white blood cells to become aggressive and cause inflammation. But the worst part is that regular production of cortisol demands a lot of energy, so your body accumulates fat around nearby organs.

Procrastination may very well be the root of all your problems!

This video by ‘Men’s Health’ explains everything I’ve said above in the form of a nice little animation. Watch it and get back to work!

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