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3 Foods that Halt Weight Loss According to Harvard

Everyday, we are faced with yet another dilemma… “To eat, or not to eat?”…. that is the question.

Not exactly Shakespeare’s “To be or not to be?”, yet Prince Hamlet probably struggled with the former just as much as the latter. 

After all, we all have experienced the struggles of deciding which foods are best for us, and which foods will put weight on us faster than Usain Bolt running the 100 meter dash.

In fact, society has struggled with this so much, that it triggered the curiosity in some fine folks from Harvard.  So what did they come up with?  Surprisingly not much… at least nothing “earth shattering”, as far as I’m concerned.

But what the heck do I know… I’m a measly graduate from the University of Illinois… I’m no Harvard Cantabridgian (what “Yalies” call Harvard students… How pretentious)

That’s right, according to a study published in The New England Journal of Medicine, a team of Harvard researchers revealed the results of a study of 120,877 people conducted over a four year period.

And get this…

According to the study, and hundreds of thousands of good peoples’ hard earned tax dollars being spent to support this study, the following foods were found to “halt weigh loss”.

Are you ready? …  Drum roll please…

#1 Potato Chips (yes Doritos and tortilla chips count in this category)

#2 Sugar Sweetened Beverages (yes fruit juices including orange juice is in this list)

#3 Processed Meats (hot dogs, lunch meats, sausages)

Maybe I am being just a little harsh here, yet those easterners, just 13 minutes away from Boston via the red line, will just have to grow a little bit thicker skin. Because my response to them spending four years and mega bucks to make this declaration of idiocracy is, well…


I mean really Harvard?  Like we didn’t know that?  Wowsa… I think most 5 year old children today could have told you that.

So why don’t we talk about perhaps the not so obvious?

What are 3 Foods that can have a HUGE impact on helping people to lose weight and feel great?  Would this be more of interest to you?

I sure hope so, because if you’re anything like me, reading that was nothing short of disappointing. 

So let’s make it up to you right on the next page… 


   3 Awesome Foods To Help You Lose Weight and Feel Great


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