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Kale Greek Salad

Guest Post by Katie Bramlett


Salads have gotten such a bad reputation for not tasting that great. When I was a kid I always put up a fight when it came time to try a salad. I always insisted on pouring a ton of unhealthy, processed ranch dressing all over just so I could tolerate it. I’ve recently developed a love for discovering new and different salads that taste amazing! Here’s one of my personal favorites!


Quick tip: Double the recipe and have for lunch the next day (add grilled chicken for some protein).

Kale Greek Salad
Prep Time: 20 minutes | Serves: 4



2-3 heads organic kale, de-stemmed and cut into bite sized pieces
1 organic avocado, diced
Organic artichoke hearts, sliced
Organic red onion, diced
1-2 cloves organic garlic, minced
1 organic lemon, juiced
1 organic cucumber, sliced
1 organic bell pepper, diced
1-2 organic roma tomatoes, diced
Organic Kalamata olives, to taste
Organic Feta cheese, to taste
Organic olive oil, to taste
Salt and freshly ground pepper, to taste


1.) Place the kale in a large bowl and drizzle olive oil over the top. Season with salt and pepper and add the diced avocado. Massage and gently squeeze the kale until all the pieces are evenly coated with the oil and avocado. It will become more tender and will look slightly broken down. Add the remaining ingredients and toss before serving.

Feel great and remember to enjoy your health!

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